7 Tips to make your living room more inviting

25 Jan 2020

7 Tips to make your living room more inviting

The Living room is always the major attraction and the focal point of every home. It’s the place to relax after a long day at work, space where you watch movies, host get-togethers for your friends and entertain your guests. The following are a few tips you can try to make your living room feel more welcoming for both yourself and your visitors so that a stay at your place makes them feel safe, comfortable and happy.

Personalize your Living Room

Turn your living room into an intimate space that tells stories and gives people a general idea about your personality. You could do this by lining up the bookshelf with some of your favorite books and personal items. Framed pictures of your family and the people close to you in the living room can give it a more personal touch. In case you have an acquaintance over to visit, these are all instant conversation-starters.

Add an Area rug to Brighten up your living room

An area rug around the couch and coffee table is another way to add color and warmth to your living room, which also makes it all the more inviting. The key here is to make it feel like an environment where you can relax and have fun. So keeping an upbeat atmosphere in your living room is paramount to help you accomplish that.

Stock up your couch with pillows

When it comes to making your living room comfortable, there’s no better option than stacking up your couch with pillows and cushions to give it a warm and welcoming appearance. The sight of soft and fluffy pillows encourages you and your guests to lean back, relax and feel at home.

Wallpaper themes

Interesting wallpapers and themes help catch your guest’s attention and gives them something interesting to look at. From floral patterns, checkers and even plain blocks or random splashes of lush colors, there are so many things you can try and have fun with when deciding on which wallpaper to go with. A good wallpaper adds layer and texture to an otherwise plain-looking living room.

Fresh Fragrance

A sweet-scented living room immediately transforms your living room into a more inviting space. There are several options you can try from scented candles to air-fresheners etc. Choose a fragrance that matches the living room vibe you’re aiming for and go with it.


A messy living room is an instant deterrent for visitors. Make sure that your living room doesn’t have the faintest hint of a messy appearance. The look and feel of your living space can affect your mental state. Make sure there aren’t any books, papers, boxes or other items that are unnecessarily taking up space in your living room.

Furnish Thoughtfully

Make sure that the arrangement of your living room furniture doesn’t make it seem smaller than it actually is. Choose your furniture wisely and arrange it in such a way that it gives you and your guests enough space to comfortably move around in and relax in each other’s company.