6 Ways to Spruce Up your Bathrooms

27 Mar 2021

There are two types of people in this world, the ones who take their phones to the bathroom and the ones who find that weird. Whichever category you fall into it is a known fact that we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. For some, it is an escape and the only place they’ll get to be alone lost in their thoughts.  And it is important to keep your bathroom updated and cozy with a few additions and changes.  

Here are 6 ways to spruce up your bathrooms:  

Neat Storage 

The best spot to store your essentials is around the sink, so ensure that it is kept clean and mess-free. You could install a couple of racks, rather than a closed cabinet, to organize your products. You could also combine both open racks and closed cabinets. 

Invest in a Stylish Bath Mat 

A solid bath mat is a necessity for any bathroom. Get one you find adorable or get one that makes you feel cozy the moment you step out of the shower. Apart from keeping the bathroom dry by absorbing the excess water it also enhances the visual appearance of the bathroom.  

Add Plants  

Bathroom plants are such a simple and affordable way to update your bathroom, whether it’s a single trailing plant on the windowsill or a full green plant wall. They also offer health benefits like fresh oxygen, removing toxins in the air, boosting your mood and reducing stress. Bamboo, aloe vera, succulents and cacti are a few common plants that can be used in bathrooms. 

Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Fresh  

Bathrooms can smell all kinds of ways. To keep your bathroom’s fragrant in the best way possible, use an oil diffuser, some incense, or some poo-pourri which are potpourri made specifically for the bathroom. A good smell makes the bathroom a pleasant space and helps it appear cleaner and attractive.  

Hang a piece of Art  

Put up some art. Hang art on your walls, set it on your shelves, and place it in your windows. Photos, drawings, illustrations, typography or anything that catches your eyes is ideal. The artwork can upgrade your bathroom. This small addition can change your bathroom from nice to nicer.  

Find an irresistible mirror  

If you’re tired of the mirror your bathroom came with, consider swapping it for the one you love more. A mirror with built-in storage is always a good idea, and a cute one that fits the vibe of your bathroom could be great, too. Before getting the mirror figure out if you are looking for more storage space or just to change the visual appeal. This will narrow down your options and make them easier to pick.  

These are some easy affordable ideas to upgrade your bathrooms at home.  It is important to feel free and cozy in any area of your home so that you can relax and enjoy your time.  

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