5 Benefits of Owning a Villament Home

22 Feb 2021

We humans are in a constant lookout for new things. We search for new ideas and new solutions and this has led to many great innovations. Everything is evolving and as things change our requirements and needs change too. We have more clarity in what we want and what we don’t want. And then there are situations where we need a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  

When it comes to finding the perfect nest we have more clarity in what we want. Some prefer villas as they provide more privacy and others prefer apartments for all the facilities that come with it. But what happens when we want both of this?  We always want to get the best of both worlds.  

For the ones looking out for new home options, Villament is the answer. As most can guess, the term is a portmanteau of villa and apartment and suggests something in between. 

A villament is a community of homes all sharing a common area, but built in such a way as to provide the look, space and design of a private villa for each. It’s common for houses in a villament to share some space but for all practical purposes, each villament is an independent structure offering privacy and luxury to its residents. 

Here are a few benefits of living in Villament homes:  


Villament offers a lot more space than any normal apartments. They’re conceptualized keeping in mind the accessibility and comfort provided by an apartment with the superfluity of a villa. The major highlight of a villa is the space and a villament offers this perfectly. The total area of a villament will expansive and be much more than an apartment, making it the ideal option for those who’re looking for a villa but in a affordable cost.  


A villament provides ample space for you and your family. The interiors of villaments are exquisitely designed on the lines of a villa. This independent accommodation option comes with utmost luxury and comfort and equivalent to a villa in every aspect.  


If privacy and exclusivity are the criteria for your home, then a villament may just be the right thing for you. A villament ideally consists of very few units in a single floor and thus lesser number of units in the entire building as well. Most of Villament homes comes with no common walls and ample ventilation.  


We always prefer a little extra added to our deal and this is what villament gives and makes our investment worthwhile. Like the apartments, villaments also have facilities like health club, multipurpose hall, and much more. So you get all the features and amenities of an apartment with the space & luxury of a villa.  


When we plan to purchase a property we see to it that we are getting all the luxury and it should fit in our budget. But it is very hard to find a deal which will satisfy both the criteria. If you are planning to buy an apartment you will not be able to find all those luxuries of the villa and if you are dreaming to buy a villa you will not find it at the price of an apartment but when it comes to villament you can purchase it at the price of an apartment with all the luxury of a villa.  

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