17 Nov 2019

Enjoy more amenities from heather homes


Whether it’s going out exploring, watching movies, having a get-together or playing your favourite games, Sundays for many are the chance to do what they really love to do in a week. Only day to get away from those work-life stress and relax!
With Heather Ferns, your Sundays can be more exciting within the comfort of your home. Lush with greenish surroundings and a galore of leisure amenities, the project is the best place to spend your weekends and relax.
Here are some Amenities of the project that make your Sundays exciting –

1. Exclusive AV Room

Heather Ferns has an equipped air-conditioned AV room within the project premises for you to enjoy your favourite movies with your friends, family and near-ones.

2. Library & Reading Room

The project offers a lush library with countless number of chronicles, manuscripts, novels and others within the premises making your dream come true of enjoying your weekends with a novel or a book.

3. Swimming Pools

Overlooking the spectacular views around and soaking in the beautiful breeze, Heather Ferns embraces a beautiful pool in the premises giving you and your family a refreshing wave of bliss on Sundays and weekends.

4. Extensive Gym and Yoga Room

Weekends serve as the best time to nurture your health and wellbeing; understanding this, the project offers a spacious yoga room and a plush health club with all equipment and accessories.

5. Indoor Games

The project also proffers specially designed spaces for indoor games and activities such as card games, snooker, chess, carroms, table tennis etc.

6) Basketball Court

Not just the indoor, your Sundays at Heather Ferns are power-packed. The project hosts an open basketball court. Call up your friends or your neighbors and split into teams for a good game of basketball.

7. Rooftop Party Area

The beautiful roof top party area with stunning ambiance at Heather Ferns makes it a perfect spot for get-togethers and hangouts with your friends and family. The open sky also adds up to its charm.
Live in a home that offers you a galore of amenities and luxuries that makes you feel refreshed every weekend. Live at Heather Ferns.