Why are 2 BHK Apartments Most Preferable ones in Trivandrum?

26 Sep 2019

Owning a home is always a dream come true for everyone! And now with wide options available in the market, even youngsters are buying their dream home just a couple of years into the job. However, for the first-time homebuyers in Trivandrum, the dilemma appears when they start thinking how many rooms of an apartment would be better – would a Studio apartment do justice or 1 BHK or 2 BHK or 3 BHK be the one.

Being thoughtful and strategical would be the right solution to this. Since each of the variants offer its own advantages, depending on your requirement and need, you should actually take a call.

Here are a few factors that make 2 Bedroom apartments special and more preferable than others –

1. Easy to Get

There are a greater number of 2 Bedroom apartments in Trivandrum. So, time spent in searching for your desired property is comparatively less when compared with 3/4BHK apartments. Since you have more options to choose from, all you got to do is zero down on your location and budget.

2)More Resale Value

Generally, 2 Bedroom apartments have a higher demand hence the resale value is greater as well. Adding to it, if you have a good location and world-class amenities, you might have an even better resale value.


Compared to having a 1BHK or a studio apartment, it’s always better to opt for a 2 Bedroom apartment. Since its always more useful and more value for money than the former. And when you have affordable luxuries and features tagged along with it, 2 Bedroom apartments are economical considering the value it provides.

4) Future Reliable

If you are a youngster bachelor or a recently married couple, owning a 2 Bedroom apartment would be a perfect plan for the future. An extra room would mean many things, it can be for your future kids or even if your parents come down.

5) Rent

If you don’t want to sell your property, you can just keep it in rent to get an extra income. And the opportunity of finding a tenant for a 2 BHK is easier than the rest of the variants since its more value for money. And the return on investment is also high.

Heather Homes, one of the leading Builders in Trivandrum comprises of several 2 Bedroom Apartment Projects in Trivandrum at Prime locations with world-class amenities that not only offer you a dream-come-true home but also give you a higher resale value for your investment.