Vastu Tips to Bring in Positive Energy Inside Your Apartment

21 Mar 2019

Positive Energy Inside Your Apartment

Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture which describes the design, layout, space arrangement, ground preparation and spatial geometry, that works together to induce positive energy at home. Differentiated by a very fine line, superstition and Vastu stands out in its own ways.

We desire to live in a home that is comfortable, calming and rejuvenating. Follow the below-mentioned

Vastu tips to Bring in Positive Energy to your Home


  1. Placing rock salt in different corners of the house helps in absorbing negative energy and to allow a balanced flow of energy at home. Place it facing North-East and South-West directions in an open space and make sure it is changed periodically.


  1. Do not place a mirror in front of your bed as it is claimed to bring in issues relating to family or health. Neither should two mirrors be placed opposite to each other nor should you keep a damaged or broken mirror at home.


  1. Blast away negative energy by placing a lemon in a glass of water. Keep changing it every Saturday and must be done religiously every week. It is said to neutralise negative energy, paving way for the positive and bright atmosphere at home.


  1. Place holy water in corners left unused to drive positive energy at home.


  1. Wind chimes, if thoughtfully placed near the garden area or open area, uplifts your mood, provide positive and vibrations.


  1. Keeping your home clutter-free not only ensures a cleaner living space but also welcomes unhindered positive energy. Remove old newspapers, magazines, unnecessary documents, pen, empty cartons, etc. to steer clear of negative energy at home.


  1. Allow fresh air and sunlight to enter a home to eliminate negativity and assure good health.


The power of positivity can be achieved through thoughtful and proper positioning of elements at home by following the right Vastu Shastra tips. Create a happy and peaceful atmosphere at homes by following the aforesaid Vastu Shastra tips.