Top 4 Tips To Make Your Apartments Well Ventilated

26 Dec 2018

(4 Tips To Make Your Apartments Well Ventilated) Each time you soak it in, a breath of fresh air work wonders on you. It not only refreshes you but also keeps your mind and body healthy. A well-ventilated house is all you need for this – one that upholds sufficient air and sunlight infiltration into the house. A well-ventilated home gives you fresh air and ensures that you live in a healthy environment curbing the build-up of indoor air pollutants. It helps in minimizing the energy consumption levels as well.

Here are a few simple 4 Tips To Make Your Apartments Well Ventilated 

The balcony is the perfect way to draw air into the house and keep it naturally ventilated. It is recommended to have a wide and forward protruding balcony in apartment projects to get proper air circulation. Besides being a perfect facet for ventilation, having a good balcony is great home décor. Beautifying the place with Aloe vera, bamboo plants, and Tulsi can improve the air quality in the apartment.

2)Design of the Window 

An ideal position of the window is one where the air enters and second where it leaves the house.  For this to happen there should be no obstacles in the path both inside and outside the house, for example, elements like furniture, pillar, tree etc. Size of the window is one of the most important things when it comes to a well-ventilated home. It is recommended to have a window size of at least 10 per cent of the room’s floor area or more.4 Tips To Make Your Apartments Well Ventilated

3)Big sliding Glass Doors

Replacing one side of your wall with sliding glass doors is good for ventilation. In fact, it will enhance the ambience of the room as well. Opening these glass doors will fill your home with fresh air.

4)Door Nets

Having door nets on the main entrance door and the windows will help keep the home ventilated. It also helps in keeping the apartment free from insects and dust.

Follow these above-mentioned tips to keep your home fresh and beautiful. Heather Homes, leading Flats in Trivandrum and Kerala offers you spacious Apartments in Trivandrum that are well-ventilated with strategic features located at major hubs in the city.