Tips for Renovating your Home Keeping in Mind the Elders

6 Oct 2019

Home Keeping in Mind the Elders

Planning to renovate your new home or your existing one to make it more stunning and increase its functionality? Well, with plenty of options, suggestions and sources to help you out with renovation, the process would be easy and the end output would be worth all the time and effort you spend. But this could be a bit tricky when there are elders at home. With a bit of care and caution, it is possible to convert your home into an elder-friendly space.

Here are some of the key things to consider while renovating that suits the elders at home:

1. Safe and Friendly Flooring

Flooring is one of the main concerns for elders at home and it is always ideal to choose slip-resistant floors. Slippery surfaces must be covered with nonskid mats so as to avoid any dangerous situations. Also, after renovations steps or floor must not be constructed too high so as to ensure easy movement for the elders.

2. Well-lighted Place

Not just the staircase but every other part of your home should have good lighting. Adequate lighting will help prevent bumping into things or falling. From hallway to doorway, bedroom to bathroom, make sure there is proper lighting system within your home. Installing motion sensing lights at home will prove to be beneficial for the elders.

3. Easy on the Hands

Every appliance, fittings and fixtures in your apartments must be elder-friendly. From doorknobs to switches, ensure that you use only those which are easy on their hands and user-friendly too.

4. Elder-friendly Rooms

• Build wardrobes installed at heights which are easily accessible for elders.
• Install two-way switches for room lights, one near the bed and the other placed near the bedroom door, to avoid them from having to cross the room to operate lights.
• Do not clutter or place too many furniture which could stop them from easy movement.
• Avoid furniture or décor pieces that have protrusions or sharp edges.
• Install emergency aids like a call bell and use anti-skid, slip-resistant flooring options in bathroom.
• Provide sufficient number of grip bars wherever necessary and ensure that are no trailing electrical wires or telephone lines that could lead to accidental trips.
• While installing kitchen cabinets and drawers, place them at easily accessible heights. Also, ensure that the knobs are easy to use and hold.
• Keep alarms or indicators at home to avoid any chances of mishandling appliances like gas stove and iron box.