Things to do before you move into your New House

10 Mar 2020

Things to do before you move into your New House

Moving to a new House marks a new chapter in one’s Life. It is an exciting journey starting with the process of choosing the right house and culminating with you moving into the house and making it your “Home”. While the entire process can be daunting, if you approach it in a systematic manner, being ready for avoidable hurdles, it can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Here we take you through the key aspects to keep in mind during this process.

While looking for a new home, remember to consider your lifestyle. What are the amenities and the type of environment that you would prefer? Would you prefer staying in a happening neighborhood or in a sereneone that will let you get back to your cocoon of silence after work? These questions must be answered before you commit to making the space your new home.

Once you have chosen your home and have completed all the procedures, you need to carefully prepare the house before planning to move in.

  • Get all the customizations done to your taste to create a cozy home. This would include getting all the interior work done to your tastes including fixed woodwork like cabinet, wardrobes, Kitchen etc. Customized Lighting Solutions, Security systems,and customized paint jobs, floor jobs etc. can be considered and completed.
  • Next, comes themost critical stage of “moving in”. This process need not be dreaded, with the right moving tips in hand.

One Month before the shifting

  • Create a check-list of things to be movedeither on paper or on an application like Google Keep.
  • Search and shortlist packers and movers and get quotes to move your entire household without damaging your belongings within your budget.
  • Take a list of all the things which are not necessary in your new space and get rid of them. If the things which are unwanted are in good shape, you may think about donating it to a charitable organization or giving to a family member or someone who might need it.
  • Get the house properly cleaned. Also, before moving into your new home get the necessary pest control procedures done.

One week before shifting

  • After shifting completely, unpacking will take time. So it’s best to keep an essentials bag separately which you can carry along with you so that you don’t have to search for things once you relocate.
  • Make sure you update the new address with you banks, insurance firms, magazine subscriptions, employer, educational institutions, online shopping sites, family, and friends and so on.
  • Organize all your documents and papers and discard the unwanted ones.Keep all the essential documents in a bag along with your essentials bag and mark it with a tag(like educational certificates, house related documents, bank related documents and so on).Make sure you do not send these with the packers and movers.
  • Make sure to keep your ornaments and jewelry in a separate bag, tag it and keep it with your essentials bag.

One day before shifting:

  • Take photographs of all the goods and bags that are to be moved so that you can cross-check for damaged or missing items once it is unloaded at the new home.
  • Movers have to work hard to pack and load the entire household items. So, if you provide them with some refreshments and cold water while working it will help them to stay energized and work efficiently. Keep some cash ready in hand for emergency requirements

On the day of shifting

  • Give proper instructions to the moversas they may not know every nook and corner of your house, so guide them while loading the items so that nothing is missed out or damaged.
  • Double check all the rooms to make sure no important items are left behind.
  • Arrive early at the new home and guide the movers while unloading so that everything is placed in the right space.
  • Inspect goods for damages. If you find any damage or missing item, talk to the movers about it.
  • Provide refreshments to the movers to keep them refreshed and energized during unloading and tip them (if necessary).
  • Finally Unpack your essentials bag first so that you don’t go searching for the things required.

Head over to your perfectly labeled boxes and unpack slowly keeping all the things in their right space. Having managed the shifting process so well, it’s time for you to relax for some time. Don’t rush for a House warming ceremony. Take your time and settle in to your new home comfortably.

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