4 Residential Projects Redefining the luxury landscapes of Trivandrum

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    Luxury means something different to each of us, especially when it comes to choosing a residential space. To some, it may mean having access to a wide array of amenities while to others, it is defined by the sheer size of the residence or just how perfect the location is. No matter how you define luxury, Heather homes have a project that matches your vision and caters to all your desires and needs. The following are some of the apartment projects that have been exceptional in transforming Trivandrum’s luxury landscape.

    Heather Ferns

    If your idea of luxury involves more amenities offered at an affordable price, then you needn’t go any further than Ferns.

    It is distinguished by a myriad of extravagant amenities and smart features that exceed your expectations. They encompass every aspect of a luxurious lifestyle, whether it is a Swimming pool, an indoor recreation area, a children’s play area, a multipurpose hall, a fully equipped air-conditioned gym, billiards table, amphitheater or even a party deck area on the terrace.

    The project offers you one-of-a-kind 30+ world-class amenities and luxury features in Kazhakkoottam, Trivandrum.

    Heather Corniche

    Let’s say your definition of a luxury apartment entails having everything conveniently close to where you live. The best way to accomplish that would be to move into the heart of the city, right? This is exactly what makes Heather Corniche the perfect choice for you.

    It is located in Sasthamangalam, right at the heart of Kerala’s capital, Trivandrum. So moving into the Corniche means you can live exclusively within the city while staying connected to everything.

    The obvious advantage of living in the heart of the city is that everything becomes incredibly close, be it hospitals, educational institutions, restaurants or shopping malls. Your daily long commutes become a thing of the past. Besides that, you can also enjoy the mesmerizing city skyline in all its splendor from the cozy comfort of your balcony.

    The Corniche is best-suited for those of us who define true luxury as living exclusively within the city, not away from it. In this regard, Corniche is one of the few projects where luxury is defined by connectivity.

    Heather Eminent

    Heather Eminent is bound to please those who live by the standard that more space means more luxury.

    To some, space is a prime luxury deserved by the elite. With only 3 apartments per floor, Eminent embodies this statement by offering you ample space and privacy in some of the most exclusive apartments in Trivandrum.

    Set in the most coveted locality of Jawahar Nagar (an added advantage), Heather Eminent offers you 12 incredibly spacious luxury apartments distinguished by their scale and the sheer magnitude of their sizes.

    Heather Grandiose

    As its name suggests, the Grandiose offers you the grandest, elegantly designed, feature-rich and incredibly spacious apartments in Trivandrum.

    It is a project rightly described as an urban oasis for the select few who won’t settle for anything but the best. If you’re one of those people who are unwilling to compromise on anything, be it space or convenience or amenities, then the Grandiose is just the right project to fulfill your dreams.

    Offering you an enchanting view of the cityscape, a host of amenities and an address of convenience that places you close to the city while offering you a reprieve from all the urban stress that comes with it, Grandiose best suited for those of us who want it all.

    May it be Ferns, Corniche, Eminent or Grandiose, each of the apartment projects offered by Heather homes is special in their own right, redefining what it means to live a luxury life.

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