Smart Home Technologies

24 Oct 2017

Times are a changing and with it, so is technology. Now we have solutions to almost everything (Note – we are not talking medical conditions here!), whether at work or at home. With more and more couples leading busy working lives, running a home smoothly can sometimes become a little dicey. Once you have left home in the early morning rush, there is always that niggling doubt creeping in whether you switched off the coffeemaker or switched on the security system…

However, with the advent of ‘smart homes’ (or ‘domotics’ as it’s also known), you don’t have cause to worry too much. A glance through your phone or tablet should be sufficient to put your mind at rest. This is because all technologically-smart devices and appliances that use electricity can be connected to your home Wi-Fi network and used to communicate with one another and you, at a tap from your smartphone.

Home automation is the latest trend in new technology-supported homes where appliances like washers/dryers, ovens, fridges, freezers, etc, as well as lighting, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, home entertainment and home security can all be controlled remotely at your command. The best example of full home automation is probably Bill Gates home where lights come on as you enter a room and fade out as you leave the room. Where your favorite music or TV program follows you to wherever you are in the home…

You now have smart fridges and freezers that send your phone a message when you are running low on certain groceries or there are meat thermostats that send you a message when dinner is ready in the oven… And this is aside from the automated coffeemakers and rice cookers that come with timers…..sounds too good to be true, right!
Home security is also going places in smart homes with cameras being able to track your home’s exteriors even in pitch darkness and motion sensors getting so sophisticated that they can differentiate between burglars and pets moving around your home. Modern home security systems are also equipped to send you messages on your smartphone when there is a problem at home.

And it’s really cool when the garage doors and door locks operate automatically as their sensors become aware of your approaching smartphone! No hassles of getting in and out of the car to open and close doors…
These products are still not too high on the priority list of most traditional-minded Indians however, but we are getting there slowly; they are available in electronics and home improvement stores or online. However, before investing in them, do make sure that they are compatible with other devices for maximal benefits.