Selecting the Best Colors for your Home

19 Jun 2018

Fashions come and go, be it in attires, accessories or even paint colours for homes. Just because something looks good in a magazine doesn’t mean it’s best for your home, though. When choosing paint colours for your home, start with the colours you love and weave your imagination into the look and mood of the different rooms.

You don’t really need an interior decorator for this job as it’s your choice and only you are going to live with those colours day in, day out – why give the choice of your living spaces to someone else to choose. Choose the colours for a room depending on how you want it to feel – cosy or warm, bright or calm, etc. However here are a few pointers to keep in mind while selecting the colours for your home.

When selecting the type of paint, go for glossy latex for walls as they retain their colour for longer and stains can be easily cleaned up. Oil paints are good for window or door frames but require an additional latex coat.

When it comes to painting ceilings, light colours make the ceiling appear higher and the room larger; likewise, darker shades diminish its size, making it cosier in appearance.

When painting walls, choose a focal point, it could be anything that’s outstanding in the room – the colour of the upholstery is a good place to begin! You can crank up the size of a room by painting the walls in neutral shades or crank it down by going for darker shades. When painting the walls dark shades, paint the wall trims in lighter shades similar to the ceiling and floor to create uniformity.

Do remember that too many colours can make the room look gaudy and loud. If you are going for the elegant look, look for neutral shades; these don’t necessarily have to be white or off-whiteorganic essential, but could also include shades of beige, or palest greens and blue-grey. If you want a soothing effect, such as in a bedroom, then go for your favourite shades of blues or greens and use different tones for different walls to take away the monotony, while still maintaining the harmony.

Kitchens need a bright colour  usda and buttery yellow is an ideal colour, reminding you of baked goodies. Colours of sage or powdery blue also lend feelings of tranquillity if that’s the kind of kitchen you desire.

Finally, remember it’s your home, so personalize it the way you want!