Remodeling your Kitchen: Ideas you can try

10 Feb 2020

Whether you’re planning to make a few quick changes so that your Kitchen looks more visibly pleasing or a complete do-over, the following are some tips that could help guide you in deciding what would work best for upgrading your Kitchen.

Swap Lighting

Swap out your ordinary lighting fixtures for extra stylish pendant lights. These can easily become the focal point of your room. Go with a choice that’s beautiful enough to blend in with your kitchen’s decor and versatile enough to draw your guest’s attention.

Repaint Your Cabinets

If your cabinets look dated, give them a more personal touch with your own choice of color. Repaint them with a fresh coat of paint that make them stand out while looking even more pleasing. You could try something like pale sage green or duck egg blue to give it a really versatile finish.

High-Contrast Cabinets

You needn’t be afraid to paint half the cabinets a particular color to contrast your existing shades. For example: a blend of black and white cabinet doors would go well with a kitchen that features plenty of wood panelling and metal accents, making it look sleek and modern. You could try this idea several ways. For instance, you could paint the base a certain color while contrasting the upper elements with something different.

Farmhouse Elements

A dull and bland kitchen can look instantly better once you add a few rustic elements. This could be anything that adds warmth and character to your kitchen, from a sliding wooden cabinet door to a ceiling rack to hang all your copper pots or even a simple yet elegant antique stool.

Add Storage Space

If you find yourself running out of space to hang your many pans, cups and saucers, you could try installing a functional rustic wood shelf with an attached metal bracket that is not only very affordable, but also provides you with an excellent display space for your dishes.

Rugs to add that extra flourish

Bringing in a certain pattern to your kitchen elements is always a great idea. A Vintage rug or a floral wallpaper would be a great addition to your kitchen’s decor that helps draw the eye. It doesn’t have to be elaborate embroidery or expensive material. Wallpapers and rugs with repeating color patterns tend to work just fine for this purpose.

Colorful Stools

Another element to make your Kitchen look more vibrant and cheerful, choose between a variety of colorful metal stools that are not only inexpensive but also great for giving your kitchen space an upbeat and light-hearted aura.

Plates as Wall Decor

You could hang them on the wall using removable sticky strips or plate hangers. These could be delightful looking china or affordable yet stylish plates that add some versatility to your Kitchen Decor.

Monochrome Kitchen

A unique paint job can make your kitchen instantly look much more interesting. With a monochrome shade like teal or torquise, you wouldn’t have to pile on any more hues.

Remove a cabinet door for display

Use a spare cabinet to showcase all your special glassware and unique wares by removing the front. You could even add little hooks at the bottom for holding teacups and place your flowervases here as well.