How to Organize an Apartment to Save Space?

19 Jun 2018

Let’s face it, the space in your home is never going to be enough for you, however big or small your home is. By nature, humans are collectors and with the consumer-culture going around, we are constantly buying more and more stuff – some needed, and some not so much!

So the question comes begging, how do you manage to fit all your stuff in a limited space? When living in a small apartment, this question becomes all the more relevant; however, there are numerous hacks by which you can save space and in fact even free-up space. The following tips on organizing space become even more relevant when it’s a modest-sized apartment.

While living in a congested space might cause its share of ups and downs, getting everything organized neatly is an art that you will end up perfecting once you put your mind to it. Starting with the floor, go for light coloured flooring. Use wall carpeting to create a sense of large space. Then arrange the furniture as close to the walls as you can, leaving the central area open. Secondly, make your centre table do double duty as a storage box as well as a table top. Use attractively covered baskets to store stuff and group them together for the art décor effect.

To showcase your mementoes, go vertical; build shelves on your walls to display them. Same goes for the TV – go for wall-mounting so you won’t require a space-hogging TV stand. As for the dining table, go for the type that folds out when in use and folded into a smaller size when not in use, creating more space.

The kitchen is the place where maximal storage is required for storing umpteen things. Sticky hooks and hanging shoe organizers are a great way of storing things on the walls. You can even hang pot covers on the inside flaps of kitchen cabinet doors. Arrange out your kitchen cabinets neatly. You can even use additional large plastic containers to store different types of things so keeping them organized gets easier. You could use a rolling basket shelf to store your onions, potatoes, garlic and other kinds of non-perishable stuff.

In bedrooms, you can have beds with storage drawers underneath to store linen and towels or winter clothing. You can use hanging shoe organizers to store all kinds of stuff including kitchen spices, toiletries, make-up stuff – and of course shoes!