Open Floor VS Closed Floor – Which is the Right Floor Plan for your Home?

14 Apr 2019


Remodeling your house comes with a common dilemma – to choose an open floor plan or a closed floor plan. Open floor plan refers to a design that allows the functioning of multiple rooms as a connected living space flats in Trivandrum. Whereas, in a closed floor plan each designated area of the home becomes a separate room enclosed by walls. With both the floor plans having its own pros and cons, the final decision must be taken after due consideration.

1) Open Floor Plans

Intrinsically designed to have one or more large rooms functioning as multiple rooms, it is commonly used to connect the kitchen, living room and dining room. This makes your home appear larger than its actual size as it removes walls between the three rooms. Open floor plans are ideal for homes constructed in less space.

With less number of walls, this floor plan lets in ample amount of sunlight into the house, especially for homes constructed facing Northside which gets less sunshine during the winter season.

  1. With more sunlight entering your home, it naturally lits up the area making the interiors appear brighter and larger.
  2. Open floor plans make it easier to pay attention and supervise the smaller ones at home as the line of sight is more.
  3. It is easier to clean and maintain the house due to the open space provided by the floor plan. And also, there are fewer chances for clutter.
  4. Open floor plans offer more flexibility to arrange furniture, creating more opportunities t decorate and enhance the house interiors without over-crowding.
 2) Closed Floor Plans 

Closed floor plans are traditionally used floor plans and are commonly used for homes with a large area. Using closed floor plans will make the area look like a well-planned space when compared to using open floor plans.

  1. The privacy offered by this floor plan design is huge in comparison to open floor plans. Especially at homes with many residents of different age groups, this floor plan makes more sense. Its residents are given their own dedicated space with guaranteed privacy. Also, it gives a cosier and warmer feeling to rooms.
  2. The chances for noise to travel far from one room to another is less due to the number of walls within a home.
  3. Each room can be customised in different themes with your favourite wall colours, wall art and other décor articles.
  4. You can allow any unused area of the home to keep and store away clutter or to hide mess during emergency situations.

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