Latest Trends in Interior Designs

25 Jul 2017

The latest trends and fashions don’t just apply to apparels or accessories, but also to interior designing of homes. Just the way fashion in apparels is meant to enhance the beauty and shape of the wearer, interior designing is meant to make interior spaces more functional, safe and decorative with the correct use of colors and lighting.

Interior designing isn’t just some no-brainer subject that involves mixing and matching of colors; rather, it’s an art that deals with the scientific knowledge of acoustics, lighting, both natural and electrical, movement of air and cross-ventilation by the correct placement of doors and windows, etc. An interior designer works along with the architects and engineers and compliments their work by providing inputs on correct placement of various relevant features to improve the aesthetics of the design.

The field of interior designing gained prominence with advancements in the needs of the discerning members of society; it also arose due to an increasing complexity in architectural designing, especially in vertical homes, where a lot of expertise and technical knowhow is required. Most of the big real estate builders have their own in-house team of internal designers that are fully educated on the reading of complicated blueprints as well as the importance of building codes of ethics and inspection regulations.

Proper interior designing can even make a 1BHK look spacious and airy, when done right. It’s all about the correct use of colors, lighting and shape and size of furnishings and fittings. Proper interior designing enhances and complements the beauty of the architectural design; it’s like the spice in the curry or the opulence in the wine that not only increases your home’s aesthetic looks, but also its functionality. After all, what’s the point in owning a great looking teapoy if it doesn’t support the weight of a tea tray?

While trends keep changing almost every year, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with the latest ones. One trick would be to change the colors of your walls or your soft furnishings to keep abreast of the latest trends, while not having to spend a fortune either. With pastel colors being the in-thing this year, you could try painting your walls soft shades of blue, pink or cream. Such colors enhance the size of the room and lend airiness to the general atmosphere. Lively green indoor plants would be the perfect foil to offset the light shades; throw-cushions in praline hues also brighten up pastel colored sofas and prevent the room from looking boring.

Since some people feel that soft hues are on the feminine side, you could opt for contemporary home-wares and decorations that have clean lines, are not too large and are in earth shades. Opt for furnishings that are closer to the walls to increase the sense of pace and use slim wall shelves instead of large display cabinets to show-off your special pieces. Large over-stuffed sofas or dining tables shrink the size of a room, so go for furniture that suits the size of your room.

Large prints on the curtains make the room look too busy and claustrophobic, making small, self-printed pastel shades the best choice to create a calming effect. Large terracotta pots with greenery placed near the windows create a cheerful effect too.

However, you don’t always have to be a slave to trends, go with what you feel comfortable with, and what suits your home and family’s wishes!