Latest Trends in Home Automation

12 Feb 2018

Home automation has been around since the time of creation of the electric bell, hooking people since then to have their homes and offices do things for them for a change! This technology is forever improving, sweeping more aspects of the home under its automated wings. Automation creates a safer environment with an efficient security system, makes homes cheaper to maintain and frees up time for the owner to indulge in other more comfortable activities.

Instead of doing things the traditional laborious way, automation throws open an entirely different world where the advancing wireless technology chips in its share by connecting with various gadgets, features and appliances in your home; it makes them respond to the press of a button on your smartphone or even a voice command to do the repetitive chores which you are better off without. However, you will only find these advanced home technologies in high-end luxury homes, where ultimate comfort bears a lot of importance to the discerning owners.

Here, a number of smart home products get to work together like a well-oiled machine. There are a seamless coordination and cooperation among all the components that complete the home automation system. The security system knows how to communicate with the lights as well as the thermostats; these know how to communicate with the motorized draperies which know when to trigger off the audio-visual systems. Aside from this, the alarm clocks are triggered by the presence of sunlight and trigger the water heater switch in your bathroom such that the temperature is just right when you step in for a shower. It can also communicate with your coffee-maker and its aroma draws you to the kitchen.

What a wonderful integration of different systems that give luxurious-living an entirely new meaning. Wonder why automation took so long to happen! Big corporations are making it possible to integrate products from different companies by forming conglomerates that work together with the common goal of creating products that complement each other.

Homes are now coming with technology that responds to temperature, pressure, sound, light and motion; accordingly, they send a message to the control panel which could be your smartphone, computer or a central panel set-up at home. Among the latest entrants is the voice-controlled Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ that responds perfectly to your home automation needs and is touted to become the focal point of the home.

Most branded home builders, including Heather Homes, are now integrating home automation into their premium homes increasing their luxury quotient.