How a spacious home can contribute to healthy living?

25 Jul 2017

The Indian customs are such that we are all expected to invest in a home of our own – and the pressure starts right from day one of our very first jobs! And truth be told, everyone aspires to live in a large spacious home that they can call their very own; a space that isn’t cramped and can comfortably house the family along with the additional visiting relatives, as our Indian traditions are prone to accommodate.

A large home doesn’t necessarily translate to a mansion, just a comfortable space that’s about 2000 square feet or more doing the trick. Spacious homes translate to more personal space and privacy. Both these two factors are important to maintaining peace among family members as everyone craves their own personal space, their own little corner where they can ruminate and unwind in the privacy of their own thoughts. Once this privacy factor is addressed, there is more peace of mind, leading to greater happiness and good mental health.

And where there is peace and happiness with no constant squabbling over privacy and space, there are less of stress-related diseases too, including conditions like hypertension, insomnia, and depression. Once the children become teenagers, they need personal space to call their own as they struggle with the changes inside their mind and body. More space also means that it’s less easy to spread infectious diseases within the home. Who would have believed that a matter as simple as personal space could be the root of mental and physiological diseases!

Spacious homes also mean that you have enough room to create divisions in rooms for other purposes like creating a private space for a home office or a small play area for the children so that everyone can go about their routines without disrupting the peace by disturbing others. And peace reflects to low chances of stress-related conditions. A spacious home also means that you have enough space to exercise within the home like practicing yoga or installing an exercise bike or a treadmill and enable you to lead a healthier life. With people living longer, it’s not surprising to see many grandparents sharing space with their offspring’s families. Having sufficient space to accommodate the needs and privacy of everyone is crucial to the health and happiness of everyone.

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