Difference Between Premium and Luxury Apartments

24 Feb 2018

(Difference between Premium and Luxury Apartments) With the resurgence in the real estate sector, people who were earlier staying away are now back to shopping for homes. However, there are so many different types to choose from, it can sometimes get a tad confusing. Right from villas, apartments, filaments to regular homes, premium homes or luxury homes- the choices are unlimited! At the end of the day, regular or premium homes have greater selling markets with only a few discerning ones going for luxury homes.

One point to note is that all categories of homes are constructed with quality solid materials that provide strength to your home. It’s in the fittings, finishings, and amenities that the real difference between the various categories of apartments lies. So that you don’t get fooled by some dubious builders out there, you need to know that luxury homes come with a range of mesmerizing interiors of the best quality.

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They usually come with imported fittings, lavish interiors and exteriors, taller ceilings of at least 12 feet and at least a 4BHK. It is less than 4 bedrooms, you can be sure it’s not fitting the luxury category. You will also find availability of a plethora of services including valet parking, concierge, laundry services and even grocery stores and restaurants! And all this is aside from the wide variety of classy amenities like covered walkways, vast green lawns, an AV room, clubhouse or even a rooftop swimming pool.

A luxury apartment is always spacious and over 1800 sq feet in a built-up area with the cost usually being over a crore. Aside from this, they are always located in upscale neighborhoods and come with higher levels of security gadgets.

Regular homes and premium homes can come under the 2BHK and 3BHK categories. They are also built solidly but do not come in high-range fittings or fitted modular kitchens as in luxury apartments. You will also find that these homes are more affordable and come in normal fittings and finishings. That’s not to say that they are low-quality or undesirable in any way; after all, builders are also aware that people are becoming more discerning in their tastes.

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There are a number of amenities that come in these categories of homes too, including gyms, party halls and clubhouses along with outdoor kids play parks, gardens, and game courts. Security and car parks are salient features here too, but not top-notch.

Basically, luxury apartments are meant for enjoying life while others are for having a roof to live under!

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