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Smart Home Technologies

Times are a changing and with it, so is technology. Now we have solutions to almost everything (Note - we are not talking medical conditions here!), w

Benefits and Disadvantages of Living in the City

God made every human different, with their own set of likes and dislikes that are unique to each one of them. And when it comes to choosing between dw

Points NRIs must consider before Buying a Property

Investment in property is a great way of multiplying your assets with many a millionaire having made his bucks in the real estate market. And with the

Documents to Verify before Buying a Property

Buying a property is a momentous occasion for most first-time homebuyers, right from the moment of making the decision to buy a property, going home-h

Guidelines to Consider Before Purchasing a New Property

There comes a time in every renter’s life when they get fed-up of doling out money at the end of every month and tolerating the unreasonable ‘do’s and

How a spacious home can contribute to healthy living?

The Indian customs are such that we are all expected to invest in a home of our own – and the pressure starts right from day one of our very first job

Latest Trends in Interior Designs

The latest trends and fashions don’t just apply to apparels or accessories, but also to interior designing of homes. Just the way fashion in apparels

What are Soft Furnishings and Recent Trends?

Household textiles are commonly referred to as soft furnishings and include fabrics used anywhere in the home – it could be as draperies, curtains, ru