5 Benefits of Having No Common Walls in Apartments

15 Oct 2019

Apartments are living spaces built with structural features shared with other units positioned adjacent to it. Though the preferred form of living for people in cities is apartments due to its convenience level, one factor acts as a major drawback – the design of each apartment being closely built can cause disturbance and at times steal the privacy of its occupants. Therefore, choosing apartments that come with no common walls would be the smartest choice!

Take a look at the top 5 benefits of living in a home with no common wall sharing:

1. Noise-free area

Apartments without common walls will prevent sharing and transmitting sound from one apartment to another. Be it your loud chit-chats, crying babies or the blaring TV, the chances for potential sound to cause disturbance to your neighbors is canceled.

2. Privacy

With the presence of common walls in apartments, your private moments wouldn’t be private anymore! There would be interference caused due to sound from other apartment and your privacy factor will be questionable. Living in apartments with no common wall sharing gives you absolute privacy and a feeling of almost living in an independent house.

3. Ventilation

Homes with no common walls are strategically designed to have open entry points on three sides of the unit that ensures an uninterrupted flow of air inside. This prevents the temperature from rising and creates a cool and fresh ambiance inside the apartment.

4. Natural Light

Apartments with no common wall sharing provide good illumination throughout the day with the help of multiple entry points and increase the welcoming ambiance. This naturally brightens up space and reduces the need to switch on lights during day time. Therefore, apartments designed in such a way will help reduce power consumption.

5. More Space

These specially designed apartments make way for more space and more freedom for the occupant and their family. Usually, each floor in an apartment would comprise of multiple units with common wall sharing. But mostly, apartments that are designed without common wall sharing would have fewer units per floor, thus increasing privacy and making it more spacious. The sq. ft. area of such apartments would be more with three entry points, and also lets the occupants live their individual life with utmost privacy!

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