Benefits and Disadvantages of Living in the City

14 Oct 2017

God made every human different, with their own set of likes and dislikes that are unique to each one of them. And when it comes to choosing between dwelling in the cities or the suburbs, opinions are always divided on which one is better; the city-dwellers would never kowtow to living in the suburbs and vice versa as country-living is as different from living in the city as white is from black!

Many would argue that living in the city is better as you have access to numerous facilities which would otherwise be hard to avail of if living in the suburbs or rural areas. For example, the best hospitals and medical facilities are only available in the cities, so to access these facilities, you will need to travel to the city if you aren’t living there. This can prove to be inconvenient as changing base when sick is tough aside from being expensive. But then there is the flip side of the coin too that people who live away from cities don’t usually get the numerous kind of diseases that city-dwellers are prone to. There are more cases of stress and pollution-related diseases here than in the rural areas, with cardiac diseases, cancer, diabetes, obesity and asthma ruling the roost.

The fruits and vegetables available in the cities are also more prone to being contaminated with preservatives, thus creating avenues for allergies, toxicity and cancers. But then, no pain, no gain, is what the diehard city-dwellers would say. After all, it’s only in the city that you can have numerous job opportunities that aren’t available in the rural areas. Living in the city also exposes you to a multi-cultural, multi-racial society that opens your mind to the world. You get to learn about the newest developments and access the latest technologies as well as have easy access to internet and mobile connections.

Living in the city also means that you get to avail of better educational facilities with most premier schools and colleges being located in and around the city. Though cities are famous for traffic congestions, snarls and air pollution, the other benefits like easy availability of products from all around the country as well as varied kinds of entertainments, seem to favor city living more than living in the suburbs and rural areas.

However, for those who love the peace and quiet and the sound of chirping birds outside their bedroom windows early in the morning, enjoying fresh pollution-free air and water or being on a friendly first name basis with the people living in their street, then maybe the suburban life is more suitable for some!