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  1. 7 Tips to make your living room more inviting

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    The Living room is always the major attraction and the focal point of every home. It’s the place to relax after a long day at work, space where you watch movies, host get-togethers for your friends and entertain your guests. The following are a few tips you can try to make your living room feel more welcoming for both yourself and your visitors so that a stay at your place makes them feel safe, comfortable and happy.

    Personalize your Living Room

    Turn your living room into an intimate space that tells stories and gives people a general idea about your personality. You could do this by lining up the bookshelf with some of your favorite books and personal items. Framed pictures of your family and the people close to you in the living room can give it a more personal touch. In case you have an acquaintance over to visit, these are all instant conversation-starters.

    Add an Area rug to Brighten up your living room

    An area rug around the couch and coffee table is another way to add color and warmth to your living room, which also makes it all the more inviting. The key here is to make it feel like an environment where you can relax and have fun. So keeping an upbeat atmosphere in your living room is paramount to help you accomplish that.

    Stock up your couch with pillows

    When it comes to making your living room comfortable, there’s no better option than stacking up your couch with pillows and cushions to give it a warm and welcoming appearance. The sight of soft and fluffy pillows encourages you and your guests to lean back, relax and feel at home.
    Wallpaper themes
    Interesting wallpapers and themes help catch your guest’s attention and gives them something interesting to look at. From floral patterns, checkers and even plain blocks or random splashes of lush colors, there are so many things you can try and have fun with when deciding on which wallpaper to go with. A good wallpaper adds layer and texture to an otherwise plain-looking living room.

    Fresh Fragrance

    A sweet-scented living room immediately transforms your living room into a more inviting space. There are several options you can try from scented candles to air-fresheners etc. Choose a fragrance that matches the living room vibe you’re aiming for and go with it.


    A messy living room is an instant deterrent for visitors. Make sure that your living room doesn’t have the faintest hint of a messy appearance. The look and feel of your living space can affect your mental state. Make sure there aren’t any books, papers, boxes or other items that are unnecessarily taking up space in your living room.

    Furnish Thoughtfully

    Make sure that the arrangement of your living room furniture doesn’t make it seem smaller than it actually is. Choose your furniture wisely and arrange it in such a way that it gives you and your guests enough space to comfortably move around in and relax in each other’s company.

  2. 4 ways location helps influence your choice of property

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    What are the factors you normally consider when buying a property? Is it the size of the house, the space it provides or  the amenities that accompany it? These are all important factors that people usually consider when deciding on purchasing a property. However, one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind when buying a home is the location.  Here’s Why:

    It is always Constant:

    Location is one of the factors that never varies no matter what kind of apartment you choose. Knowing about the nature of the neighborhood in which you live and the opportunities it presents are one of the key ways you can ensure a comfortable stay for the long-term. Knowing the locality you’ll be residing allows you to plan ahead and find out where the nearest medical facilities, educational institutions and workplaces are.

    The Right Location will lead to Price Appreciation

    It is always a good idea to make sure the location offers the potential to grow in demand over the coming years. You need to think ahead and consult with a real-estate agent to know whether the apartment projects or houses you are interested in are likely to appreciate in the future. This price appreciation is determined by the desirability of the location. As a rule, Prices for real-estate tend to go up in fast-developing cities and growing IT hubs.

    Location helps attract a Potential Future Buyer:

    In case you plan on renting the property out or selling it in the future, it is a good dea to create a basic profile of who your prospective buyer could be in the future. Consider factors such as whether they would be retired people, working professionals, young couples,families etc. 

    This way you will not only be considering how well-suited the location is for yourself and your family, you would also be taking into account  the location-based needs of a future tenant/buyer .


    A location that promises connectivity assures appreciation.When you live in an area where everything from the grocery shops to the workplaces are all close by, it is far more convenient. People tend to flock to places where they don’t have to travel long distances to reach the nearest recreation centre or entertainment venue such as parks,basketball courts, hospitals etc.

    The closer your property is located to the most amenities such as malls, restaurants and schools, the higher the rate of appreciation is.


    The water resources, greenery and safety are one of the most important factors that determine whether a location is liveable or not. They are a much bigger priority than affordability.  The presence of greenery and eco-friendly design facilitates a healthy lifestyle without pollution. This becomes increasingly important when it comes to choosing an apartment. Finding an eco-friendly home is quite difficult in today’s real-estate. A location with a low-crime rate and enough security surveillance cameras and measures in place to ensure the safety of the residents is a priority.

  3. 6 things to consider before investing in a second home

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    Investing in a second home is one of the best things you can do when you already have a place of residence and leftover funds that you’d like to make a good return out of. It offers a number of benefits and is a great idea for those looking for a regular source of income in the form of the monthly rent. However, here are a few things you should consider before you proceed to buy a second property.

    Make sure you are Debt-free

    The first things you need to ensure is that you have no existing debts. Buying a second home can be quite expensive and the costs might grow for maintenance and other purposes. If you do end up taking a mortgage out, the last thing you’d want is to be caught up in growing debts that are difficult to pay off. Having an acceptable credit score can also prerequisite for a home loan eligibility in the first place.

    Save up Emergency funds

    Fluctuations in the Market and other unforeseen circumstances might hurt your chances of making good money on your investment. It is highly important that you set aside enough money as a contingencybefore you start expanding properties.

    Have A Steady Source of Income

    Maintaining a single home in itself can be a costly affair. So when you’re planning on managing two homes, expenses are only likely to double. This is all without considering the monthly installments that might be incurred in case you take out a home loan.

    Think Long-Term

    You need to thoroughly research the property first. Make sure that the location, amenities and luxuries are all in line with your long-term goals. Make sure there’s enough space to comfortably accommodate your family. Look into the other aspects such as design, architecture, maintenance and see how well kept it is.Most important of all, picture your family living in the space and find out how satisfied you would be if you chose to make the purchase.

    Find a home that’s right for you

    Some people would prefer a home that serves as a great weekend getaway. Others would be more happier if the holiday home would eventually become a retirement spot or a residence that could some day be rented out and generates a profitable return. Choose a home that adequately fits your needs.

    Get to Know the location

    Get familiar with the location in which your potential house is situated. Talk with the locals, Check out the local healthcare facilities, inquire about the institutions and entertainment venues nearby. If you’re going to be living in your second home often, you need to get a feel of what it’s like to actually inhabit the area.

    Whether or not you end up vacationing at your second home or renting it out, you can still make a good investment once you’ve considered all of the factors mentioned above.

  4. Tips to keep your Home Cool in the Summer

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    Summer means different things to different people. Most remember it for their childhood memories of playing out in the open sun, running in the grass and jumping in the pool or nearby ponds; carefree days when schools were closed and evenings were long and full of laughter and fun. However, there is a downside to summer too, it spells the beginning of the hot season when cranking up the AC and languishing energy-less in front of the fan seem to be a lot of most people.

    But summers don’t necessarily have to be hot and tiresome as there are numerous ways you can buffer your home naturally from the heat, without having to crank up your electricity bills! Here are a few tips on keeping cool.


    Keeping curtains closed can reduce entry of heat by up to 30% from the windows. It also helps in reducing your electricity bills while preventing your home from becoming a virtual greenhouse – especially from south and west facing windows. Using dark curtains during summers blocks out the sunlight and helps in insulating the room from outside temperatures. Using neutral coloured curtains, but with white plastic backings also reduces heat.


    Coating the terrace with white lime wash helps in reflecting off a good amount of heat too; the only downside to this is it has to be repeated every year as the rain washes it out. Growing potted plants also helps in absorbing off a good amount of heat. Alternatively, you could try covering the terrace with a plastic sheet and then layer it with wet straw.


    Cotton breaths; during summers, opt for thin cotton sheets for your bed and do away with the flannels and fleece blankets. Keep the number of things on your bed to a minimum. Same rules apply to your clothing too – wear pure cotton to remain cool.


    Hoping for some extra chilled-air to match the chilled hydrating drinks you have been glugging? The trick is to place a container of ice water under or in front of the fan; you will instantly feel the magic of extra-chilled air, better than anything your AC could give you. Another hack is to hang a wet towel in front of the fan so it churns out chilly air. Keep your bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans on too to eliminate hot air.

    Open your windows only during the cooler nights and create cross-ventilation. And get rid of heat-generating incandescent bulbs!

  5. 5 Benefits of Apartment Living in Trivandrum

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    Trivandrum, the capital and the second largest city in Kerala is a favourite real estate destination in the state owing to the steadily growing factors that make living convenient and peaceful. The city has also caught up with the apartment culture with many developers offering premium apartments throughout the city.

    Below listed are the benefits of apartment living in Trivandrum.

    1. Location

    With leading builders offering premium apartment projects in the heart of the city close to key infrastructure facilities and conveniences like IT parks and shopping centres, proximity and accessibility are among the major benefits of apartment living in Trivandrum.

    2. Amenities

    Compared to independent houses, apartments come with a range of amenities such as pools, club house, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, rooftop party areas, parks, etc. to facilitate comfortable as well as a rewarding living experience.

    3. Safety

    Apartment complexes are secure than independent houses as they are equipped with round the clock security service and CCTV surveillance system. And close proximity of neighbours make apartments an ideal choice for single women and elderly.

    4. Financial benefits

    Apartment living offers great financial benefits than building or buying houses. Besides, renting is more economical than mortgage. Along with lower monthly payments, other financial components like utilities and maintenance are also considerably lower in apartments.

    5. Community

    Families living in an apartment form a close-knit community. Apartments provide a rewarding social life along with enduring bonds between neighbours. This also ensures that there will never be a dull moment in apartment living.

    Heather Homes, one of the leading names for flats and apartments in Trivandrum offers premium living spaces with world-class amenities across prime locations in the city.

  6. 7 Tips to choose an Apartment your kids would love and be Safe

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    A home should be a dream space that is comfortable for everyone that include your precious little ones as well. A space that fulfills their desires would be just the thing they would love.

    Designing a unique space for your kids would be an exciting journey for both them as well as you. It would be ideal to have an open-mind and patient approach paying attention to your Kid’s likes and comfort when designing their personal space.

    Here are few tips on how to choose an apartment that your kids would love –

    1. Open Space

    An apartment complex or a premise with wide open space is something that would allow your kids to play around freely helping to increase their activity levels which is important.

    1. Amenities

    Not to mention the amenities exclusively for them like the Kid’s play area, gaming zones etc which is very important when choosing your home.

    1. Be creative

    Being a tad creative is something your kids would love. Think of shades for your kid’s rooms that they would love and also reflect their personalities or the characters they love. You can also create colourful, vibrant boxes for storage rather than the normal ones so that your kids would love utilizing the space. Also, one corner of their room can be set with the toys and things they love.

    1. Involve them

    Your little ones would love if they are involved or asked suggestions. For an instance, select or shortlist 5 colours for their room or space and let them decide which one do they want instead of giving the complete decision making-power to them.

    1. Furniture & Accessories

    Personalize your little one’s living space for them. Go to home décor stores together giving them options to choose from. Best would be having frames that showcase your kid’s artwork, their achievements etc. Waking up to these would be a huge motivation for them every day.

    1. Balcony Garden

    Making the kids know the importance of nature and planting trees in their early age would be great. Having a nice balcony garden and letting your kids have a small zone in the garden would be perfect.

    1. Safety

    Make sure your concerns about your kid’s safety and security are met. For an instance gated community with surveillance, 24/7 security staff so that your kids don’t venture out of the premises and no strangers or unknown persons can venture in are few of the mandatory recommendations. Also, check out for the restricted zones such as swimming pools etc. where the kids should not enter alone.

    Looking for an ideal home that has exclusive amenities and facilities for your children/kids? Look no further, the luxury apartments in Trivandrum offered by Heather homes not only have exclusive amenities for your little ones but also offer modern luxuries and comforts for you as well.

    To know details on our various projects –

  7. Why You Should Start Investing at a Young Age?

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    Investing, like most of the things in life, has got its own Benefits of Start Investing at a Young Age. The earlier you begin higher will be your potential return on investment. With an array of investment options to choose from, build your real estate portfolio and wealth by making an informed decision. Also, consider factors like income, expenses, existing debt obligations like student loans, etc. prior to real estate investment.

    Check out the list of  Benefits of Start Investing at a Young Age
    1) Avail Loans Easily

    A young borrower has high loan eligibility due to various reasons. Firstly, youngsters are now well-qualified and thus, earn a handsome amount every month. Their high income qualifies them to avail loans easily providing an assurance of proper repayment. Availing home loans at a young age gives you more time to pay off the loans. For example, investing at the age of early 30s give you another 30 years to repay loans at lower interest rates. But ensure that you do delay loan repayment as it would affect your credit score.

    2) Improve Financial Management Prowess

    Investing at a young age leaves you responsible to handle cash flow and manage money by yourself on a regular basis. Be it a residential property or a rental one, you can handle finances thereby, enhancing your financial management prowess and helping you tackle any problems in a responsible manner. With various types of properties available for investment, ensure that you do thorough research and accumulate that knowledge to make an informed decision.

    3) Retire Early

    An early investment helps in reaping benefits at the earliest. Either by selling it off or through monthly rental income, there is a stable secondary source of income providing you with an option for early retirement. Investing at the age of early 30s when compared to those in the age group of 50s, give you ample amount of time to make profits which can be utilised to achieve your goals and dreams and then settle for a satisfying retirement.

    4) Manage Risks

    Youngsters have a positive outlook towards everything and their whole approach to investment would be fresh and appealing. The level of enthusiasm and motivation in them would be high, pushing them to take up risks for more success and returns. These young-spirited individuals can mitigate and manage any risks that would come in their way with much ease. Also, they have the advantage to test and try various investment avenues at their own pace until they succeed.

    Investing at a young age benefits the investor in multiple ways, especially in the later stages of life. Come, be a part of Heather Homes which bestows upon you a multitude of benefits and advantages of owning premium flats and apartments in Trivandrum city.

  8. Reasons to own a Home at Heather Magnum, Premium Apartments at Trivandrum City

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    From one of the leading builders in Trivandrum city, Heather Homes gives you an exquisitely crafted living space thoughtfully created at the right location with the right amenities and facilities, for you to call it a ‘home’ – Heather Magnum 3 BHK Flats in Trivandrum

    Located at the heart of the city yet away from its hustle and bustle, your home at Heather Magnum, Kumarapuram strikes the right note considering the plethora of amenities and facilities offered here. Following are the key reasons why you should own a home in this magnificent project:

    1) Location

    The major attraction of this residential project is it’s most coveted location, Kumarapuram. It suits the needs and requirements of all members of the home regardless of their age group. All your concerns relating to convenience is answered here with the availability of social infrastructure like upcoming Lulu Mall, transport facilities like railway station and bus terminal, reputed hospitals such as KIMS, Cosmopolitan Hospital and Government Medical College, educational institutions, etc. all situated very close to your home.

    2) Amenities & Facilities

    In spite of the availability of social infrastructure close to your home, the wide array of amenities and other facilities here adds up to the ease of living. Consisting of amenities such as children’s play area, indoor games, multipurpose hall, fully equipped gym and so on, it not only gives you an urban living experience but also gives you all comforts under a single roof. Also, the specifications, fittings, and fixtures at Heather Magnum are thoughtfully chosen to ensure a lifestyle that reflects fine living.

    3) Fine living experience

    Owning a home at Heather Magnum 3 BHK flats in Trivandrum assures you a fine living experience right in the heart of the city with world-class amenities and facilities. This home gives you a life that’s away from the fast city life but yet letting you stay connected to everything that’s happening in the city i.e., a home that promises hassle-free living right in the city!

    Planning to move into a new home right in the center of Trivandrum city with all the features and facilities that you and your family have desired? Well, at Heather Magnum, a premium apartment project at Kumarapuram delivered by one of the leading builders in Trivandrum, experience life like never before as we give you the key to own a home that offers more! For details about the project 

  9. Top 10 Colleges in Trivandrum

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    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Top 10 colleges in trivandrum city is flanked by a number of educational institutions, professional colleges and research institutes that are known for imparting high standards of educational services and support. Colleges in Trivandrum offer undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and professional programs in all fields, be it arts, science or commerce. This city is not only popular for its rich traditions, cultures, and infrastructure but also for the excellent educational services offered hereby reputed institutions backed by expert faculties. Here are the

    Top 10 Colleges in Trivandrum

    1) All Saints’ College

    Established in the year 1964, All Saints’ College is regarded as one of the oldest colleges in Trivandrum for women. It offers both UG & PG programs including various courses in Arts, Commerce, and Science – English, Hindi, Politics, Economics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, French, Physical Education, etc.  This college is affiliated with Kerala University and is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC). All Saints’ College puts forward a curriculum for each department that lets students excel in various spheres of life and overcome challenges. With digital library services, well-equipped computer centre affiliated to the National Council of Vocational Trades (NCVT) Government of India, an extensive classroom, laboratory facilities for all science departments, The Language Lab for students of English department, etc. this college is well updated and equipped in guiding students to academic excellence and more.

    Location: Veli – Perumathura Road, Karikkakam

    2) Mar Ivanios College

    Mar Ivananios College is ranked by NIRF as the 29th best college in India by MHRD, Government of India and is the first institution in the University of Kerala to be accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in the year 1999. Mar Ivanios College was conferred autonomy status in 2014 and offer UG & PG courses in Commerce, Malayalam, Political Science,  Syriac, Tourism, Biotechnology, B.Voc, French, Journalism, Botany departments and so on. Also, the college was listed under the six colleges having the status of ‘College with Potential for Excellence’ (CPE). They offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs along with Central Instrumentation facility, schemes for advanced and slow learners, greenhouse, well-established computer centres, animal house, facilities for differently abled, etc.

    Location: Bethany Hills, Nalanchira

    3) University College

    University College at Trivandrum is a constituent college affiliated to the University of Kerala. Admissions to this college for programs like BA/BSc, MA/MSc, and M.Phil depend on the Online Centralized Allotment Process of the university. With 18 UG programs, 20 PG programs, 13 M.Phil and 16 PhD programs along with the resourcefulness, curriculum and an extensive range of facilities, this college has been one of the most preferred colleges by students. Also, this college has been given the status of ‘College with Potential for Excellence’ (CPE) by UGC and is tagged as a heritage institution by the Government of Kerala. It was ranked 23rd in the India Ranking 2019 and was accredited with ‘A’ grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council of UGC.

    Location: Mahatma Gandhi Road, Palayam

    4) Marian Engineering College

    Established in the year 2001, Marian Engineering College is a pioneer institute for engineering studies among the self-financing colleges in Kerala and is affiliated to the University of Kerala and Kerala Technological University. Located in close proximity to Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Kinfra Apparel Park and Technopark, the campus is spread across a vast area of 40 acres. They have departments such as Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Science and Humanities and much more.

    Location: Menamkulam, Kazhakkoottam

    5) Government Arts College

    Government Arts College is considered to be one of the oldest coeducational colleges in Trivandrum that offers UG & PG programs in History, Political Science, Tamil, Botany, Physics research, etc. Established in the year 1948, this college offers various courses in Economics, Commerce, Physics, and Biotechnology and is affiliated with Kerala University. It is also recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC). To support the students they have amenities like seminar rooms, laboratories, library, computer centre, etc.

    Location: Gandhi Bhavan Road, Thycaud

    6) Xavier’s College

    Affiliated with the University of Kerala offering UG & PG programs, St. Xavier’s College is well-known for guiding students to excel and exceed in academic brilliance. It is an aided college established in the year 1964 that offer courses in the department of Botany & Biotechnology, Chemistry, Commerce, Hindi, History, Physical Education, Latin, etc. They have an updated and automated system for maintaining library, scholar support programs (student welfare fund, scholarships, and incentives), multi-media rooms, value added courses, etc. Along with this, they also have co-curricular activities like the National Cadet Corps, National Service Scheme and Nature Club.

    Location: Veli – Perumathura Road, Thumba

    7) Government College for Women

    The Government College for Women is very popular for its history of excellence in educating women for over 100 years. They are a pioneer institute in the higher education field; tagged as the 6th oldest college in Kerala and also one of the oldest colleges in India. Established in the year 1920, this college works towards achieving a clear objective of providing women with modern and liberal educational services and thereby transform our society and nation. It provides students with a lab for learning and life skills, library, student support programs like Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP), Placement and Career Guidance Cell, and Project for Promotion of excellence among gifted children, and other amenities such as physical fitness centres, counselling centres, instrumentation centre, etc. The college offers over 30 courses in UG, PG and PhD programs. It has been given accreditation with ‘A’ grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council.

    Location: CV Raman Pillai Road, Thycaud

    8) Government Law College

    Considered to be one of the most prestigious institutions that impart legal education in India to UG & PG students, Government Law College started their journey towards establishing their academic brilliance back in 1975. This college is known to produce some of the finest members including Indian Supreme Court Judges, Union Ministers, Kerala High Court Judges, first woman Judge of the Supreme Court, Justice Fathima Beevi, the etc and also for Moot Court Competition. Admissions here depend on the results of highly competitive entrance examination conducted by Commissioner for Entrance Examination, Government of Kerala. Courses offered include LL.B, Masters in Law, LL.M and an integrated course of B.A., LL.B.

    Location: Barton Hill Road, Kunnukuzhy

    9) Government Medical College

    Thiruvananthapuram Medical College, Kerala’s oldest medical college, was established in 1951 dedicated by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Its campus has got various institutions and hospitals apart from Medical College Hospital which comprises of the Regional Cancer Centre, SAT Hospital, the Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, etc. It follows the Kerala model of health care and its achievements are plenty – ranked 21st in India Today Survey; developed SAT Mix, used to manage childhood malnutrition; connected through the National Knowledge Commission’s National Knowledge Network, etc. Courses offered by the college are M.B.B.S., M.D. – M.S., B.Sc. in Optometry, M.Sc. in Nursing, M.Phil in Clinical Epidemiology, Master of Science in Medical Physics and Epidemiology, Diploma in Pharmacy, etc.

    Location: Ulloor – Akkulam Road

    10) Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST)

    IIST is a deemed university and a government-aided institute that provides for the study and research of space science. It is the first university in Asia that solely focuses on the study and research of Outer space. Set up by ISRO, it was inaugurated in 2007 and offers regular engineering UG, PG and doctorate programs dedicated to space Top 10 Colleges in Trivandrumscience, technology and applications while it also serves as a research centre. A new Dual Degree in Engineering Physics has been introduced in replacement of Physical Sciences branch where they only admit 20 students. IIST was ranked 23rd by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) engineering category in the year 2018.

    Location: Valiamala

    The above-listed colleges are well-known and established for their academic excellence for the past many years, making them the most preferred colleges in Trivandrum. Most of these colleges are located at favourable locations i.e., a few minutes away from main hubs like Sasthamangalam, Kumarapuram, Kowdiar, and Kazhakkoottam, they are easy to access and answer all concerns of convenience especially for families moving to Trivandrum as finding good accommodation would be a hassle-free process. At Heather Homes, one of the leading builders in Trivandrum, we offer fine residential projects at locations with close proximity to leading colleges in the city to ensure easy commute to college and home.

    Are you looking for Apartments in Trivandrum Location? Contact Us Today Heather Homes[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

  10. 5 Advantages of Owning a Home in Kowdiar

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    Seeking for a luxurious home in Trivandrum? Confused on which locality is the best?
    Well, Kowdiar at the heart of Trivandrum is one of the cleanest locations in the city to own a home with fresh air and no pollution. Positioned between the prime localities of Vellayambalam and Peroorkada, Kowdiar is the starting point of Rajapatha (Royal Path). Because of the famous Kowdiar palace that befits to be the major attraction of the place, Kowdiar is generally considered as one of the upmarket residential areas of Trivandrum.

    Here are some of the advantages of owning a home in Kowdiar, Trivandrum –

    1. Social and civic infrastructure

    From high-end golf club to renowned schools, colleges, and multi-speciality hospitals, there is nothing that Kowdiar doesn’t offer. Upcoming Lulu mall, Mall of Travancore and Central Mall are located well in proximity with Kowdiar. Apart from these, prominent educational institutions like Christ Nagar International School, Holy Angles School, Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences, Institute of technology, etc. are situated nearby to the location as well.

    2. Excellent Connectivity

    From Kowdiar, one can get to any part inside and outside the city with ease. The location is well-connected to the major hubs of Trivandrum like Patton, Sasthamangalam, Apartments in Kowdiar Trivandrum Kumarapuram, etc. and is also positioned 5 km away from Trivandrum Central railway station and 8 km away from Trivandrum International Airport.

    3. One of the Cleanest Locations in Trivandrum

    Kowdiar is one of the cleanest locations in the city with fresh air and no pollution. Not to mention the surrounding lush greens and the beautifully renovated park in front of the Kowdiar palace premises.

    4. Appreciation

    Being one of the most sought-after locations of the city with well-developed infrastructure, a home at Kowdiar will get you an incredible price appreciation.

    5. Many Options to Choose From

    Most of the leading builders in Trivandrum and Kerala have their apartment and villa projects in Kowdiar ranging from luxury to super-luxury with world-class amenities and facilities giving you varied options to choose from for your dream home.

    If owning a luxury apartment set up in the comforts of the majestic locality of Kowdiar is in your dreams, then wait not. Heather Greenage offers limited edition boutique apartments at a strategical location in Kowdiar with World-class amenities and facilities.