Advantages of Owning an Apartment over an Independent Villa

17 Jul 2017

Humans practiced the nomadic life and lived as hunters and gatherers in their nascent days. Things have gone to the other end of the spectrum now, however, and all humans aspire to have roots of their own, in the city of their choice. From the time when people become financially independent, they start saving a nest egg for that game-changing day in their life when they can finally invest in a home to call their own.

With the current trend in home-buying, that has become a little bit perplexing however as there are so many different types available. And since most people buy a home only once in their lifetime, you really have to make sure you get it right. After all, buying a home isn’t exactly as easy as buying tomatoes! We now have options of buying homes in the form of independent villas, villaments and of course, the vertical apartments.

With space running out in most cities and lateral growth slowing down due to space constraints, homes are now going vertical. It’s no surprise that over the past two decades, even the serene coastal city of Trivandrum, the political heartbeat of Kerala, has become inundated with these multi-storied buildings, with their height increasing daringly higher and higher each year!

With most people spending an increasing amount of time at work or travelling, it’s safer to live in a gated apartment community that has great multi-tier 24×7 security to keep your loved ones safe while you are away. There is also the added advantage of having a wide variety of amenities available right at your doorstep, so you don’t have to go out to enjoy leisure activities with the family; swimming pools, club houses, air-conditioned gyms, barbeque pits, kids play area as well as game courts for various sports keep you busy and provide incentives for keeping fit, on the home turf.

In apartment living, you can enjoy the beauty of the manicured lawns and gardens without having to do the hard work of maintaining them, or calling the electrician or plumber when things go wrong, as they are all taken care of internally! Having a reticulated gas supply, back-up water and electricity supply is another important perk that just adds to the pleasure of apartment living – and you don’t have to go out queuing-up to pay their bills.

There is this misconception that apartments aren’t spacious; it’s actually all a matter of choice….if you can afford it, there are apartments that are over 2000- 3000 square feet in built-up area too, just like villas, so you can enjoy the space of villas, plus the amenities and gated community living comforts of apartments….the best of both worlds found in apartments of the discerning ones!

Aside from this, independent villas are heavier on the pocket for the same amenities and fittings as compared to apartments, making apartments the more practical choice. Apartments are usually found within the city, close to all facilities, as compared to villas that are located in the suburbs, away from the city center and all it offers.

And guess what, apartments are easier to rent out too, just in case you aren’t going to be around, or if you have bought it as an investment, so a great source of secondary income too. Why go for a villa, when so many advantages exist with apartments!