8 Tips to Choose the Right Colours For Your Home As Per Vastu

5 Aug 2019

Colours influence the human mind and body immensely. According to Vastu, right colours need to be used to decorate homes or business places and if decked in an appropriate manner, colour therapy is a profound remedial measure and an excellent means of curing Vastu defects. 

Here are a Few Guidelines to Be Followed –

1) Use yellow shade in the south-west and south zone, it gives stability and power to the master of the house, as south-west and south zones represent the head of a home.

2) A room which receives lesser natural light should be painted in light colours whereas a room receiving natural light throughout the day can be painted in deep colours.

3) Ceilings should always be painted in white as it radiates white light throughout the room and lessens the room temperature.

4) To stimulate a good appetite, Vastu recommends peach and vibrant yellow colour for the dining room.

5) Green colour which is the colour of mercury is an excellent choice for a study room as it leads to a better concentration among students.

6) The exterior shade of a home should be as per the desire of its owners. Colours such as off-white, yellowish-white, orange or light mauve can suit people of all Rashis.

7) It is recommended to take extra precautions while choosing colours like black, red and pink, as these colours do not suit every person.

8) According to Vastu, light shades are always good. Dark shades like red, brown, grey and black may not suit everyone, so it’s better to avoid those shades. Also, red, dark yellow and black should be avoided since these shades have high intensity, it may disturb the energy pattern inside the house.

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