7 Best Decor Tips to Get your Home Ready for Onam

7 Sep 2019

Onam, the biggest ethnic festival of Kerala, is celebrated with much pomp and glory. It is the best season to perk up your home, as it is a time of enjoyment, celebration, colour, and harmony when all your near and dear ones gather around. 

Deck up your home and make it as colourful, vibrant and cheerful as the festival itself! Here are few simple tips to decorate your home this Onam –

1) Pookalam (Flower carpet or Rangoli)

Onam celebrations begin by creating beautiful Pookalam at home entrances. Made entirely from fresh flowers, this is the most important home décor theme for Onam and also creates a vibrant aura at home.

2) Flowers Garlands

Apart from creating a Pookalam, use flowers to decorate the interiors of your home, this would surely act as a great decor tip for your home this Onam. You can make garlands and adorn them on bare walls. Also, tying garlands around a pillar or even hanging them from your door will enhance its personality.

3) Kathakali Masks

Adorning the walls of your home with Kathakali masks can be an elegant way to perk up your home this season. Hang these ethnic, bright and colourful masks to add up to the personality of your room and also it goes well against a light-coloured wall due to its great contrast.

4) Diyas


Lighting up your home with diyas (oil lamps) is another simple tip. You can switch off your electric lights and use traditional diyas to enhance the spirit of Onam. 

5) Flower Bowls

Keep a bowl of fragrant jasmines to decorate your home. They provide a fresh feeling for the home. Keep water bowls with rose petals as centrepieces of your home. Place flowers on the dining table to provide it with an uplift. 

6) Lighting

Simplest tip would be to change the lighting of your abode. Go for lamps in colourful shades, striking chandeliers in muted gold tones or some stunning pendant lights in wooden finish.  

7) Laundered Clothes for your Furniture

While celebrating this season of prosperity, make sure you use good, fresh and laundered clothes for your furniture. Use a floral theme for your interiors to enhance the spirit of the harvest festival.

Decorating your home for Onam season is as special as the festival itself. Use the above given simple tips to add value to your home.

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