7 Advantages of Living Near Your Workplace

20 Aug 2018


Are you someone who travels an hour daily to reach office? Always concerned about reaching late? Exhausted and drained by the time you reach? If so, you must consider shifting your home close to your workplace.

Here are some of the key benefits one can enjoy having a home close to their workplace –

  1. Saves Time

Long Commutes to and from the office are stressful and takes a lot of time which can actually be used for several other productive things. Not to mention the day-to-day concern of reaching late. Having a home near your workplace would help you save time, helping you to invest in many other productive things.

  1. Less Expenses

A home near your workplace would mean a shorter and easier daily commute in-turn implying less fuel costs or public transit fares. You would have reduced maintenance costs for your vehicle as well.

  1. Reduced Stress Levels

Imagine not fussing over the long traffic spells or the gruelling commute to and from the office! No more concerns of reaching office on time! Well, a home near your workplace bestows you just that, complete peace and some precious moments of comfort.

  1. No Pollution

Travelling more would mean an exposure to pollution from large number of vehicles and public transports that might take a toll on your health. A home close-by would help you lead a healthier life.

  1. Ideal Work-life Balance

Staying close to your workplace implies more time, energy and money resulting in a good work-life balance. You can reach home daily for lunch, quickly crash at home in case of an emergency or even don’t have to wake up early to reach office on time. This can further add to one’s overall well-being bringing about a holistic change in the mental and physical health. Also, lesser time behind the wheel means more time cherishing relationships in life!

  1. Enjoy Good Health

Residing close to your workplace would mean walking or cycling to your office every day. Both the exercises help improve your overall health and make you stay fit. Also, other exercises can be added to daily routine since you would have ample time.

  1. Better Productivity

Staying close to your workplace majorly imparts lesser stress and more energy. This further helps in increasing your productivity levels. You would stay ahead in your tasks, appointments, assignments, deadlines and have a honed capability of time management.

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