6 Tips to Decorate your Home this Diwali

21 Oct 2019

Diwali, the festival of lights is around the corner and it is about time to deck up your home. Using decorative pieces, lights and clearing clutter, you can give a fresh and bright look for your house, adding oomph to the festivity. Gather your family around and begin with each room in the house.

Follow the below-mentioned tips and ideas to decorate your home this Diwali:


Diyas and Candles

Use diyas and candles of different sizes and colors to light up every corner of the house. Select a set of assorted candles in cream and golden tones to create a cozy and soothing ambiance. You can opt for eco-friendly options for candle holders i.e., using waste cans and colored papers.

Traditional decor pieces

Apart from diyas and candles, you can use traditional Indian decor pieces such as brass turtle oil lamps, lanterns, and bells. You can also place a mud or copper pot/vessel filled with water, marigold flowers and floating candles as a centerpiece.

Decorative lights

Use decorative lamps and lanterns for an exquisite layer of lighting at home. Fairy lights, paper lanterns in different sizes, colors and shapes, and drop lights can be used to create a unique festive look.

Vibrant Furnishings

Pick vibrant upholstery for your furniture to create a cheerful mood for the occasion. From bedsheets to pillowcases, furniture covering to floor carpets and curtains, the options are plenty to add a splash of color to the house.


Follow the simple and age-old way of beautifying your house with flowers. Place them in a decorative vase, vessel, as garlands or around diyas to spruce up Diwali home decor. Not only does it make your apartments visually more appealing but it also adds fragrance to your home.


Toran symbolizes prosperity and is a decorative element made of marigold flowers and mango leaves. Being a part of the traditional decor, you can make it with beads, fabrics, pearls and craft papers as these are popularly used in households.