6 Simple Ways to Decorate Your Dream Home this Christmas

8 Dec 2018

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year when families and near ones get-together to rejoice and spend some quality time with each other. And what place better than your home to celebrate the season! Stars, wreaths, sparkling twinkle lights and stunning decors, your home is filled with merriment in the air.

Here are a few simple ways to bring cheer to your house this Christmas season –

  1. Door Swag

A well-decorated entrance will leave a good impression. Replace your everyday doormat with a Christmas themed one. Place a luscious wreath on the door and drape garlands around the doorframe.

  1. Christmas tree

Beautify your Christmas tree with traditional garland, lights, and ornaments. Personalized ornamentations for the tree are a vouge now – You can decorate the tree with copies of your favourite family photographs, names or dates as a wonderful way to remember past holidays. For creating a statement look, try decorating a tiny tree with garlands, tree toppers and lights. For a minimalistic look, adorn the tree with neutral colour ornaments and ribbons.

  1. Dress up your House-plants

Besides placing a Christmas tree, it would be best to dress up the indoor plants as it would lend a new style to your space. Hang small Christmas ornaments on the plants and wrap your plant pots in red or green foil wrap.

  1. Ribbons are everything you Need

Ribbons add a touch of Christmas to décor pieces already in your home. Tie bows around candlesticks, mirrors, chairs and anything else you feel could use a little extra holiday sparkle. You can also be tiered, green, or gold ribbons to the stems of wine glasses or the handles of cutlery to have a feel of Christmas all around.

  1. Decorate your Walls and Hallway

Add some Christmas trimmings or mittens, gloves, toques and scarves to decorate the hallway. You can also cut pictures out of old Christmas cards and create a collage by pasting them onto a piece of poster board in the living room.

  1. Festival Aura

To make your home smell like Christmas add some nuts like cinnamon or nutmeg and sprinkle some cider to make it smell heavenly. Also, few Christmas tunes humming in the background would add that festival aura.