6 Elements of a Great Neighbourhood

20 Aug 2018

An ideal home’s most important feature is its neighbourhood. A neighbourhood that is safe and secure, and gives easy access to a wide range of facilities, is the one that can enliven your living experience. Simply put, greater the neighbourhood or locality, more value for the home.

Here are 6 key elements that make a neighbourhood good place to live –

  1. Safety

The most important thing to lookout for in a neighbourhood is the safety factor. The locality should be safe and secure for everyone with a low crime rate. Also, the streets and surroundings should be clean and well-lit.

  1. Accessibility

Another one pivotal factor is that, great neighbourhoods are located at perfect places in a city and is easy to access with multiple methods of transportation.

  1. Civic Amenities

One of the best signs of a good neighbourhood is its closeness to several civic amenities, such as hospitals, schools, banks, retail outlets etc. The ease of access to these amenities is an important component of an enhanced and comfortable lifestyle.

  1. Entertainment hubs

Who wouldn’t love to be in a happening neighbourhood just minutes away from shopping malls, multiplexes, coolest restaurants, libraries etc. that makes living more interesting.

  1. Green Surroundings

Presence of green and open spaces is a big plus in neighbourhoods today. Parks, gardens and other green spaces in the locality is something you should lookout for. It not only imparts a pollution-free environment but also gives you a refreshing ambiance.

  1. Social gathering spots

Great neighbourhoods reflect the people living there, and that’s why social interaction is an important factor in the best communities. These places offer opportunities for neighbours to get to know each another in public spaces. For an instance these opportunities can be created by walkable sidewalks, benches on street corners and other social spots where people can interact.

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