5 Simple Tips To Give Your Bedroom An Instant Makeover

20 Jan 2019

Bored of seeing your bedroom with the same old settings and decor? Well, it’s time for your room to get an instant makeover without spending a handsome amount of money. From bed linens to lighting, certain mini changes can revamp your bedroom for a modern elegant look.

Here are 5 easy tips and tricks to help you with the instant makeover.
1) De-clutter

When thinking of makeovers the first thing that pops in our mind is to purchase new décor items. Well, this time begin by de-cluttering things and go minimal for a fresh and spacious bedroom. From old decorations to old furniture, unused table to cloth hangers, throw away all those junk to de-clutter your room. Not only does it make the room look clean but according to Feng Shui, it helps in attracting positive energy too.

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2) Photo Wall

Create an eye-catching photo wall by using frames of different size and shapes while sticking onto a single colour for all the frames. Make it as creative and fun as you want by converting those photos into a college or following themes like travel, school or by going for the same colour tones for all the photos or creating a timeline or by constructing a photo board with your holiday snaps and treasured images of family and friends. Create a timeless décor ensemble and let the walls speak.

3) Change the lighting

The ambience of your room can be revamped completely with its lighting. Use bright lights to make your room appear open, welcoming and spacious. The key is to strategically place lamps in dark corners and one at your bedside. You can also use fairy lights to spruce up your bedroom by hanging them over the curtain or winding it around the window railings. If your budget allows, replace old lighting fixtures with modern lights.

4) Touch of green

Give your bedroom a touch of greenery with indoor plants or flower vases. Place indoor plants near the windows and flower vases either on the dressing table or at your bedside. This not only looks refreshing but certain houseplants like spider plant or peace lily, act as natural air purifiers. Opt for flowering plants to instantly add the much-required colour and makeover for your bedroom.

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5) Vibrant rugs

Rugs are always the easiest choice for an instant makeover especially when you are restricted on budget and space. Even a small yet vibrant rug can create that statement look for your bedroom without much effort. Select rugs that go along with the wall colour and the furniture. For a jazzy look, go for rugs with statement prints, stripes, texture and shades.