5 Reasons Why you Should Cycle to Work

24 Nov 2019

Ever thought of going to work using a cycle like school days? Do you know how much healthy it is for your mind and body?

Well, relatively new in India, cycling to work is gradually budding up in many major cities. It offers you an array of advantages from environmental facets to positive health doses. No need to mention, no more traffic hassles or fusses!


1. Health

Cycling is one of the best exercises for a healthy mind and body. It builds muscles and improves circulation, prevents heart diseases by increasing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure and strengthening the heart.

2. Stress

Cycling clears your mind, eases your work stress and anxiety. Not only that, cycling to office in the morning gives you an instant freshness and energy boost that helps you focus throughout the day yielding to more productivity. No stress and work pressure would also imply spending some quality family time at home.

3. Best Time to Organize

No better time to focus and ponder on a work issue or a situation than when you’re cycling. With freshness of the air, cool breeze and clear mind, you might be able to think rightly and might well end up finding solution to your burning issues.

4. Improving the Environment

Cycling is one of the perfect ways giving back to the environment. In simpler words – Green transport. One vehicle less would contribute to lesser pollution and cleaner air to breathe!

5. Happiness

With great health, no stress and organized days, cycling would give you that extra tinge of happiness. You would start living more in your every moment. Also, cycling to work will help you save your bank balance avoiding many of your expenses.
With lots of cars and bikes on the road, Trivandrum is slowly becoming one of the bad traffic congestion cities in the state. Pollution too is on the rise. Cycle to work is the perfect solution for these – an escape from the traffic and pollution. Heather Ferns, 2 & 3 BHK apartments in Trivandrum, strategically located between IT hubs, Technopark and upcoming Technocity is a perfect home for you to commute to your work on your two wheels. Peddle for few minutes and you are at your workplace.