6 Key Factors to Consider for Choosing the Right Floor in a High-Rise Apartment Project

28 Jan 2019


One of the most common confusions for a home buyer is which floor to opt for? This in fact becomes very crucial when you’re considering a high-rise apartment project.

May it is the top floors or the lower ones, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It purely depends on the individual, his lifestyle and his needs which is the best floor to choose.

Here are a few factors given below that can be considered before making a decision –

1) View

Ones who love beautiful views from their windows or balconies should always prefer for top floors since higher floor offers a better view especially if the project is located close to lush or scenic backdrops. Apartments in Trivandrum

2) Family Factor

If you are someone who has elderly parents or small kids around, it is always better to have a home on the lower floor. This not only adds to the safety factor but also zings up the convenience part as well.

3) Privacy

Living in lower floors generally may not offer you that much privacy since there would be more commotions and people around in the lower floors than the higher ones. Also, many people prefer higher floors to avoid the street/road noises and also those coming from other occupants walking through the common passage. However, the noises may not be a problem for ground floor apartments that are far from the elevators, staircase or clubhouse. Flats in Trivandrum

4) Rental returns

If you’re buying a property on an investment front, it’s always good to opt for lower floors. There is always more rental demand for lower floors than the higher ones.

5) Light and ventilation

Apartments on the higher floors will have more natural light and ventilation compared to the ones on the lower floors. Also, because of the height, apartments on the higher floors will not face any mosquito intrusion.

6) Convenience

Having a property on the ground floor or lower floors are more convenient since you don’t have to wait for the elevators every time you think of going out or coming back to your home. A property in the sub-floors may also help on your health factor since that can increase your daily activity levels.