5 Discretionary Amenities to look for in a Luxury Apartment

17 Feb 2020

Choosing the right apartment that satisfies all your luxury expectations can be a tough task. The More amenities a property offers, the better. But sometimes you have to dig deeper and see if the amenities a residential project provides you is the right kind. In other words, you need to make sure that you aren’t going to be paying extra for a whole host of amenities that you have no particular use for.

When you’re a luxury apartment owner, you tend to look for amenities that constitute a lifestyle of privacy, convenience and comfort. The following are a few of the luxury amenities that you should look for when buying a high-end apartment.

Clean, outdoor spaces for a balanced lifestyle

Your surroundings are just as important as your interiors. Having a wide outdoor space to engage in fun activities and simply roam around in can be a breath of fresh air compared to all the restricted lifestyles that some projects in the cities usually offer.

It is also not enough that you locate yourself at the heart of the fast-moving, bustling city. You need to make sure that the place you live in is clean and free from loud noises and distractions that can damage your health and the wellbeing of your loved ones. More and more luxury apartment owners are seeking fine living spaces in prestigious communities such as Heather Ferns in Jawahar Nagar, Trivandrum for this very reason.

Luxurious Master Bedroom

Your luxury bedroom needs to be immensely accommodating, featuring a super-sized bed, the best kind of lighting and a private balcony that offers a terrific view of your surroundings. The sound and security systems need to be top-notch.

Your bedroom is the place where you retreat to for rest and rejuvenation. Therefore the amenities should, above everything else, emphasize comfort.

Modular Kitchen

Ample space, drawers, cupboards are all features of just about any kitchen. When it comes to buying a luxury apartment, however, you need to make sure that the faucets, the countertops and the storage spaces are all of excellent standards.

Modern Gym

Staying fit can be a challenge when your lifestyle offers you the best of food and drinks. However, a built-in gym right at home gives you access to your own workout space at minimal distance. You wouldn’t have to travel all the way to a local gym and pay for a gym membership with a ready fitness centre available You need to make sure that the indoor gym is fully equipped with all the necessary facilities to help you stay fit at all times.

Entertainment & Activities

Your lifestyle should cater to all your interests and favourite activities. The apartment amenities should include a tennis court, basketball courts and community halls or amphitheatres for socialising with your friends and neighbours.

Plenty of apartment complexes these days offer swimming pools. However, some of them go a cut above the rest offering you rooftop swimming pools which is all the more appealing to use. These are usually adjacent to outdoor party areas on the terrace that give you a panoramic view of the surrounding city. Compared to a ground pool, a terreace pool is also pretty closer to the sun.