5 Best Ways To Beat The Summer Heat At Home

25 Feb 2019

Dreaded days of Summer are around the corner and the heat is already high. Its slowly getting difficult to stay indoors with the heat trapped in your home. Few more days, we will be tossing and turning in bed with no much sleep because of the heat, as the peak summertime gets to us.

It’s not possible for all to have Air conditioning units all-around your home to bring the temperature down. So, here are a few important tips and tricks to keep your home cool during the season –

Top 5 Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

1) Indoor Plants

Keeping indoor plants in your home is the best way to keep the space cool and enhance the quality of the air. They also help in keeping the ambience visually appealing. Plants like Aloe vera, Areca palm, baby rubber plants etc. can help remove the toxins from the air and bring down the temperature considerably. Also placing them close to the windows will help in absorbing the heat and create a cooling effect in the room.

2) Keep the Sun out

Closing windows and curtains during the day will not let the heat in when the temperatures soar especially during the peak hours.

3) Cut the Artificial Light

Inside the home, one of the major heat sources is electronics. It’s recommended to turn off the lights, TV etc. to keep the heat down during the summers. You can opt for natural light during the day. Placing a pedestal fan in front of the window can push the blowing hot air out.

4) Use Light Fabrics

Curtains, cushion covers or bed linen, make sure that your home is draped in nothing but natural fibres. Cotton is the best choice after linen. Summer is strictly no time for fancy satin or silk bed sheets.

5) Open the Windows

Open your windows at sunset or night to get the benefit of the cool breeze. This will not only lower the temperature of your home but also help in cross-ventilation. By opening the windows, you would help to remove the heat that is built up in the home during the course of the day.

One of the simplest tricks to keep your room cool during the summer months involves a bucket of water. Dip the bottom hems of your curtains in the bucket and leave the fan on. This would let the water slowly seep upwards through the cloth spreading the cool breeze throughout the room.